In Morocco , nothing beats the pleasure of strolling through the narrow streets of the Medina of Fez, creation_facette1Marrakesh , Essaouira …

The country boasts a rich and diverse craft , derived from ancestral traditions transmitted with passion generation to generation, and known and recognized around the world.

Moroccan crafts products are a variety limitless. Each region boasts its peculiarities : silver and jewelry, rugs and weavings, pottery and ceramics, leather and leather goods, wood and metal, textiles and embroidery, are among the most used materials.

creation_facette2Knotted , braided, twisted , woven, carved , inlaid , painted, stained , tanned, cut , sculpted … the various articles are transformed into true pieces of art.

Moreover, with a wonderful sense of creativity , Moroccans craftsmen have mix of tradition and modernity and adapt this wonderful legacy to the needs of contemporary society.

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