In Morocco, nature is generous. There is a great geographic diversity and a large variety of fauna and flora. naturemarocIndeed, the Kingdom of Morocco stretches for thousands kilometers of coastline, Atlantic and Mediterranean, offering pure beauty beaches.

Mountains cover more than two thirds of the territory and the vast plains and valleys invite you to discover enchanting landscapes. In the south, the desert with its stunning sand dunes and verdant oases are at hand.

Due to its geographical position, Morocco also has a rich flora with thousands of species that make it a destination with a botanical interest.                        naturemassa

Finally, the nature is just as generous in its fauna and is home to some exceptional species. We offer such a getaway in the region of Agadir to discover reserves housing the Saharian wildlife and the park at the mouth of the Souss and Massa wadis, which form an ideal ecosystem to accommodate flamingos, cranes and bald ibis …


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