Morocco is one of the top destinations Welfare. Much of the hotel establishments offer SPA services, harmonie_facette1thalassotherapy and fitness.

Furthermore, the rituals of wellness are part of the ancestral art of living Moroccan.

The hammam, relaxing place and meeting is the traditional incarnation.

The used natural products guarantee a unique dimension to the care provided. Natural sponges, pumice or alum, ghassoul, black soap scrub, wrap henna, massage with essential oils … are among the products and treatments on offer.


Argan oil, also very known, is used for its aesthetic properties: anti-aging, massage, nail beauty, hair, etc.

Nevertheless, there are other secrets of wellness, beauty and health, less known. Prickly pear oil or rose water for example, are wonderful beauty secrets.

For you, we design wellness travel and fitness as you wish: to enable you to understand the benefits of secular care and beauty products from Morocco, and let you enjoy a unique experience and resourcing relaxation.

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